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Tickets are now on sale now for Chicken Dinners. The dinners will be available for pickup on March 31, from 4-6 PM behind the Dardanelle High School at the Pavillion. $10/Dinner which includes Chicken and two sides. All proceeds go to Scholarships for Dardanelle Graduates. 

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Sand Lizard Foundation calendar of events

Sand Lizard Foundation is active throughout the year promoting our unique mascot and telling the story of a community that works together to help graduates of Dardanelle High School as they take the next step in education and towards their careers.

Lizard Rock Awards
In the spring we host Lizard Rock Awards. An event where we recognize an alumni, a member of the school system staff, and a member of their community for their efforts which improve the quality of life in our community.

Sand Lizard Foundation Celebration!
Shortly after graduation we have the Sand Lizard Foundation Celebration! which introduces the newest recipients of Sand Lizard Foundation scholarships to the community. We also recognize the previous recipients of Sand Lizard Foundation scholarships to hear of their accomplishments in school and their career.

World Lizard Day
August 14 is World Lizard Day. Who knew that the world celebrated the most unique mascot? We take it as a day to invite everyone to think of our mascot and to contribute to Sand Lizard Foundation before the school year begins. We are Sand Lizards helping Sand Lizards!

Sand Lizard Alumni Reception hosted by Sand Lizard Foundation
What would fall be like without a homecoming celebration?  Join us in the library at Dardanelle High for the Sand Lizard  Alumni Reception. Stay for the pep rally and be recognized with your class. During the pep rally the winner of the class challenge is announced and the trophy awarded.

It was the fall of 1923 when the phrase, "Sand Lizards" was first spoken to describe the DHS football team. It was a name that stuck and has become the most unique mascot in the United States. While the history of Dardanelle High started begin 1923, it was the fall of 1923 that earned our school this special mascot.
Beginning in the summer of 2023 we will have a year long celebration of the beginning of the Sand Lizard.

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Sand Lizard Foundation   PO Box 454   Dardanelle, AR 72834

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