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Get Involved With Sand Lizard Foundation

There are many ways for everyone to be involved with Sand Lizard Foundation and show your support for Dardanelle High School.


Monument for the Original Sand Lizard Football Field

Sand Lizard Foundation Research revealed the site of the first football field in Dardanelle. Through the efforts of Board member Jeff Ray and Cornwell Funeral Homes, a monument was placed there 2023 to memorialize the site. A dedication ceremony is pending. 

The words on the memorial read:

"In 1923, this hallowed ground was Dardanelle's first football field. A rival coach once scorned its sandy terrain, deeming it fit only for lizards. Little did they know that comment birthed the legacy of the Sand Lizards—a mascot unmatched in its distinctiveness and spirit. Today, we stand proud as Lizards, united by our unwavering devotion. Once a Lizard, forever a Lizard!"

Class challenge.png

DHS Class Challenge

The class of 77 issued a challenge to all other classes initially for the 2019-20 school year. Which class could raise the most money for Sand Lizard Foundation? 

The class challenge begins on June 1 each year and continues through May 31 of the following year. During the football homecoming pep rally the trophy is awarded to the winning class. The trophy is displayed at the high school. Membership in Sand Lizard Foundation, contributions for scholarships as well as dollars given directly to the class challenge all count toward the class challenge. Help your class get your year added to the trophy.

Sand Lizard Moms

Sand Lizard Moms.jpg

Once a Lizard always a Lizard!

It is not just a saying. It is a way we tell our scholarship winners we are always thinking of them. Sand Lizard Moms is a group of volunteers who maintain contact with these students year round.

Sand Lizard Moms call, write and visit with the scholarship winners. They take them to breakfast, lunch and meet them in local coffee shops to ask how the scholarship winners are doing.

One scholarship winner said, "I had won several scholarships from organizations when I graduated. Sand Lizard Foundation is the only group that has followed up and asked how I am doing".

That's a part of being a Sand Lizard. Want to be a Sand Lizard Mom? Complete the message form on our contact page and we will gladly welcome you.


PO BOX 454  


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