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Join and Support Sand Lizard Foundation

Whether you are alumni, a part of the administration or staff of the Dardanelle school system, student, family member, parent, or a part of this wonderful community, we invite you to join the foundation which recognizes the efforts of DHS graduates.

When you join the foundation, we send you this decal for your car, home or office window so you can tell everyone you are a proud supporter of Sand Lizard Foundation.

Annual dues are $50 for an individual; $100 for a family; $500 for a business. Sand Lizard Foundation is recognized as a 501c3 corporation for which contributions are tax deductible.

We also have individuals, families and businesses which give scholarships through Sand Lizard Foundation. The scholarship can be named for an individual, family, business or cause. Providing a scholarship through Sand Lizard Foundation means the amount of scholarship given is tax deductible.

Every dollar contributed goes toward scholarships. The few expenses that Sand Lizard Foundation has are paid by Foundation board members as their additional contributions.

Our brochure of introduction and membership application is below and downloadable as a PDF.

We are Sand Lizards helping Sand Lizards


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Sand Lizard Foundation   PO Box 454   Dardanelle, AR 72834

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