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The Story of the Sand Lizard Foundation

The Sand Lizard Foundation was founded in 2018 with the purpose of enriching the overall culture of the Dardanelle community by promoting academic and professional development of graduates of the Dardanelle school district. Sand Lizard Foundation provides financial aid in the form of scholarships for students who demonstrate a valid need, and academic promise.


Sand Lizard Foundation is people who care about the community of Dardanelle. It does not begin or end with the city limits, nor is it limited to people who attended or graduated from Dardanelle High School. Our mayor, Jimmy Witt, describes Dardanelle as "a city on the move".


Sand Lizard Foundation strives to be a part of that movement by demonstrating to graduates of Dardanelle High School that the community is proud of what they have achieved. By providing dollars to their further education, the community is demonstrating we have confidence in their dreams and plans.


Dardanelle has been the home to many who have achieved. The community, county, state, country and world would be different if not for the efforts of those who can say that Dardanelle High School has been an important part of their lives.


The Sand Lizard Foundation works to provide funds to see that "Dardanelle High School students" and "achievement" continue to frequently be heard in the same sentence.


PO BOX 454  


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